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“I have been a client of Clean & Tidy since the beginning of 2014. My experience with this company has been one of great ease and comfort. At our initial meeting, Shelby took the time to go through my house in detail and developed a plan to make sure all of my family’s cleaning needs were met and within my budget. Shelby and the Clean & Tidy crew have always presented with the utmost professionalism and have a work ethic that is not commonly found these days.”

Andrea - Kitchener

“There are no surprises when I get home the day of my clean, other than an amazingly clean house!! The products they use also are appreciated, as I do not like chemicals in my home. The constant communication is appreciated and I fully recommend Shelby and her staff to clean your home!”

Brenda- Waterloo

“I can’t say enough good things about Clean & Tidy because they leave me relaxed & happy! Thanks so much for making my life easier!”

Carol- New Hamburg

“Clean & Tidy is the only cleaning service that has surpassed all my expectations.  I trust their employees; they are respectful, thoughtful and thorough!”

Leanne - New Hamburg

“Clean & Tidy has provided weekly cleaning services to my home for a year. In this time I have had two different cleaners. Both cleaners were reliable and consistent, and cleaned my home in the way I had requested. From the very beginning, Shelby made it clear that her company tailors there clean to an individual’s wishes and that there is flexibility to make changes to the cleanings or schedules. I found the company provided exactly this, which made it so convenient for my busy schedule. I appreciated being able to send Shelby a quick email to change what areas I wanted cleaned or to give special direction for something extra I needed done. I also appreciate that the company is conscious about what products they use to clean a home with. Overall, I highly recommend Clean & Tidy and am grateful for both the services they provide and the way that they operate”

Erin - Waterloo

“ I am very pleased to say that I am very happy with the quality of their work. My house is cleaned on a bi-weekly basis and looks spotless each time afterwards. Clean & Tidy cleaners take care of my home from top to bottom. From light fixtures, to baseboards, they make sure to cover it all. In my opinion attention to detail is a cleaner’s most valued skill and I can say without reservations that Clean & Tidy staff appear to have a natural aptitude for this.”

Roop - Elmira

“We have been immensely happy with the service provided by Clean & Tidy. They always do an absolutely top-notch job of cleaning our home, but just as importantly, they take the time to really understand what we need and tailor their work to that. We have been constantly amazed by the wonderful customer service, ensuring that everything is done to our satisfaction. Over the years, we have dealt with several different cleaning companies, but none of them have ever come close to Clean & Tidy. You simply can't go wrong by hiring them!”

John - Ayr

“During my first trimester I experienced extreme morning sickness. My husband was away for months at a time for work and needless to say the housework got put on the back-burner. It got to the point where I needed help, but I admittedly was hesitant to get a house cleaner. After some research online I booked a time to meet with Clean and Tidy. I liked that they used products that would be safe for my family, dogs and the environment. At the introductory meeting I met with Nick. Right away I could tell that he would be a valuable addition to keep this household running smoothly. We went over everything that I needed help with and couldn’t do while pregnant. He’s has been helping our family every week now for over four months and I can’t say enough good things about him and the work that he does. If you are looking for someone with a kind heart, attention to detail and someone who will go above and beyond Nick is the perfect candidate. Everyone in our family loves Nick, including the dogs!”

Julia - Cambridge