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Our Services

Clean & Tidy will tackle jobs of all sizes. Whether it's an apartment, one floor, small office, or a large home; no job is too big or too small. We offer an extensive list of residential and commercial cleaning services that can be arranged according to your schedule and customized to meet your specific needs.

For a free estimate of your cleaning needs, contact us today.

Whether looking for a one time clean or looking for your space to be regularly maintained, Clean & Tidy is here to help! 

First Clean: Our first visit will allow us to give your space some special attention, as we spend some additional time cleaning it from top to bottom to prepare it for shorter regular cleaning visits.

Regular Maintenance Clean: Scheduling regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly housekeeping visits will help maintain the sparkle, shine and overall cleanliness of your space.

Special Requests

From areas that need a little extra TLC to finicky pets, Clean & Tidy will create a cleaning plan that matches your space and gives you exactly what you need each and every time. Our most common special requests are:

Seasonal Deep Clean: Tailored to each client and concentrating on areas that may need a little more attention, such as the inside of the fridge, stove and cabinets

Move In/Move Out Clean: We will prepare your space for the next tenant or make sure it is ready for you to move in by ensuring that all major areas of your home are thoroughly cleaned including the inside of cabinets, closets and any marks on walls 

Post Construction: One last clean of your newly constructed or renovated space will ensure that it is sparkles and is ready for occupancy 

Clean & Tidy supplies our own all-natural cleaning products, as well as a vacuum. We are a proud supporter of the product known as Norwex. This is the only product on the market that is green and kills up to 93% of all bacteria on any surface. It is safe for you, children, pets, and all areas of your home. However, if you would prefer for us to use any of your personal supplies instead, we would be happy to do so!