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At Clean & Tidy we are passionate about creating a clean and happy work environment, serving small businesses, offices, and shops in KW and surrounding areas.

Each client is assigned a cleaner or cleaners, who will be scheduled to all of your future cleans. This way, they really get to know you and your space so that they can better serve your needs, and nothing gets missed.

We supply our own all-natural cleaning products. However, if you would prefer for us to use any of your supplies instead, we would be happy to do so, and our pricing would reflect this.

We offer a variety of cleaning services to fit your needs and budget.

Our services include:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Bathrooms
  • Windows on the inside

  • Window and door frames
  • Kitchens (inside of any toasters, microwaves, and/or fridges if requested)
  • Garbage removal

Please note that we do not offer buffing, waxing, shampooing of carpets, or polishing of floors at this time. However, we may know of people who do, so feel free to ask us about it.